Preparing for Newborn Photography in Dubai

A newborn baby becomes the apple of every eye when it exits the mother’s womb. Parents and grandparents are naturally happy about this arrival and believe in celebrating the occasion. Apart from the face, hands, and feet, the props around also make a difference to the frame. One way to make the occasion unique and memorable is to find an expert photographer for newborn photography in Dubai.

When is the Best Time for Newborn Photography in Dubai?

The best time to have a baby photoshoot is within 7 to 10 days of delivery. Expect the initial few days are challenging since the mother is just getting to know the child. The mother may still feel bloated and weary. However, a younger child will showcase postures naturally as if still in the womb.

Best Ways to Prepare a Newborn for a Photoshoot

Preparing a parent and child for the event is exciting but frightening. One way to commemorate the early magical days is with a newborn photographic session. You can make this picture session memorable, calm, and fun with some forethought. Read these top suggestions for a newborn photography session if you’re worried about prepping the baby for the big day:

Schedule an Appointment Ahead of Time– Many photographers try to shoot newborns between 1-3 weeks. Because this is a limited time frame, make an appointment with the photographer a couple of months in advance. The extra time in hand gives both you and the photographer time for preparing a theme before the arrival.  Trying to book at the last minute may lead to disappointment if the photographer is busy. Give the good news as soon as the baby arrives, and set the precise day and time.

Feed the Child– Nothing beats milk-drunk infants for cuteness and adorableness. Reach the studio 25-30 minutes early to feed your baby before the photoshoot. These picture shoots can run up to 2 hours, so give them a little food if they appear hungry. Photographers also allow parents to breastfeed their newborns as needed during the session, for cheerfulness and satiety.

Ensure that the Baby is Awake– Because newborns sleep for a large part of the day, their sleep schedules may contradict the photographer’s strategy. Remember to awaken them for 1-2 hours just before the photographer comes for gorgeous sleepy newborn poses. If the infant sleeps during most of the photoshoot, the expert photographer will get tranquil images and not angered ones.

Dress as per Convenience– Change the diaper around 30 minutes before the photoshoot if you want the infant to be nude. Choose neutral colors and basic solids if you want to dress the infant.  It is best to avoid patterns, and tell siblings and parents to wear similar colors. Patterns might distract attention from the baby’s lovely face.

Expert photographers will always handle babies carefully. You can sit back and relax after all the hard work done so far. Be assured that the photographer will know how to get the best clicks.

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