Preparing for Your Couple Photoshoot

There are many reasons why married couples get photoshoots done. While some are more obvious than others, all of them are good enough to be justified. Also, you don’t need reasons to capture your love for each other. If you are planning to get a couple of photoshoots done by a professional, here are a few tips for you to prepare yourself to get the best out of your session.

  1. Why are You Clicking these Photos?

Think about this question – how do you want your relationship to be portrayed in the pictures? What kind of a couple are you? Based on your mutual interest, you should decide on the photoshoot theme. Are you a nature lover? Get up early and hike a mountain to capture the best moments of the day together. In other words, your photos should reflect your life as a couple.

  1. Keep the Mood Light

This whole experience is for you to have fun. Do not force yourself into something that you are not comfortable with. Be honest and be yourself. By simply enjoying each other’s company, you not only strengthen your relationship, but you also get the best pictures.

  1. Get Outfit Options

This is something you should think about before you finalize your photoshoot. Every couple has their own style, but sometimes they may not work in front of a camera. So, bring a few outfits with you to try and experiment with different clothes. You also may not want all your pictures in a single outfit. So, carry outfits, so you have an opportunity to capture different looks.

  1. Do Not Seek Perfection

Do not go for perfect poses. Certain poses work better than others, so you may go to a posing guide if you need ideas. But you don’t need to stick to conventional poses. Figure out what poses work for you as a couple. It is something that should come to you naturally as a couple. Practicing poses may look staged and not reflect your love. Remember, perfection comes from in-between moments. Enjoy your photoshoot, and a professional photographer will know when to take the best shots.

  1. Talk to Your Partner

If you are newly married, make sure you talk to your partner before booking a married couple photoshoot. This is something that two people are involved in. Some are comfortable being intimate while others are not. Figure out your comfort zone and chalk out how to work within that zone. Getting on the same page with your partner will avoid awkward moments during the shoot.

  1. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration. Go through different boards and collections and pin if you find something interesting and creative. Do this as a couple as it will increase your bonding with each other. It will also give you a better idea of how comfortable your partner is with the photoshoot. Share these ideas with your photographer so that they can build upon them.

If you are a couple in Dubai who wants to capture your special moments, contact us to get the best photoshoot experience of your life.

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